About the Bot

This is mostly started out as a hobby and as an idea mainly to replicate the actual hunter's hournal from Team Cherry's videogame: Hollow Knight.

This bot has only 2-5 commands at the moment and more are coming in the future. If you would like to directly support me you can donate to my Patreon or if you would like to ask some questions or even suggest new features, there will be a support server coming soon. Thank you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does the bot frquently go "offline"?

I try my best to keep the computer running at all times, hoewever it has a tendency to completely sleep and it stops the program from running the code so I am terrible sorry for that

What are the commands for the bot?

You can check by going through the navigation tab or by clicking this link

Where did you get all the enemy sprites/sources

Literally all of this is from the wiki you can check it out here: Hollow Knight Fandom WIki

Will there be a beastiary that features the enemies from Silksong?

I am honestly not sure yet. I am waiting until the game comes out granted there be a silksong equivalent to the hunter's journal in order for me to include these enemies.